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Transition to a new Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Center can be difficult for patients and their families, creating anxiety and uncertainty as to what level of treatment to expect. The Keck Hospital of USC in conjunction with your CF Team is committed to supporting our patients during the transition process, providing them with the resources needed to eliminate gaps in care and to minimize the level of uncertainty and anxiety many patients feel. We believe positive first impressions are critical to the success of any new relationship. Therefore, we have developed a patient evaluation process that we believe provides patients with an opportunity to get to know us while we get the opportunity to know them and understand their medical history and individual care needs.

To help with the transition process we have provided a brief outline of what patients can expect during their initial visit to the CF Center. As you may know, the CF Team is a multidisciplinary team providing its patients with a wide variety of resources.

What to expect in the initial visit:

  • Patients meet with the CF Doctor, Pharmacist, Nurse Coordinator, Dietitian and Social Worker.
  • The Nurse Coordinator and Social Worker provide an overview of our adult care program and educate patients on the Center’s policy and procedures.
  • The Doctor, Pharmacist and Dietitian work to understand the patient’s medical history and individual care needs to ensure optimal health is achieved and that patients have what they need to eliminate gaps in their care.
  • Additionally, routine labs and a spirometry or pulmonary function test will be performed to help establish a baseline that the CF team will monitor moving forward.
  • Please allow 3 hours for your first visit.

If you have any questions regarding your initial visit or would like to schedule your first appointment, please call (323) 442-8460.

Current Patients
As your CF Center, we realize the importance of good communication and the need for informative resource tools to keep you abreast of advancements in care as your everyday life with CF changes. Therefore, please take the opportunity to read through the information this site has to offer. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the information or would like to get involved with your center, please give us a call.

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